Springtime is a time people get out their ladders to work on home projects. Here are a couple reminders to help you be safe this spring:

  1. -Inspect your ladder before climbing. Check for any loose or broken parts or for parts of the ladder that aren’t working properly.
  2. -Only use the ladder on level ground.
  3. -Use your extension ladder at a 75.5 degree angle.
  4. -Never lean while on your ladder. If you feel tempted to lean, get off the ladder and move it to where you need.
  5. -On extension ladders, follow the “three rung rule,” meaning  have you ladder extend three rungs above the roof line your ladder is leaning against
  6. -On an A-frame ladder, never stand on the top rung or top cap

This is just a simple ladder safety refresher to help you be safe this spring.