springSpring is here! For most people, spring is the time for cleaning up. Like holiday decorating, clean-up season can bring safety risks. While we often talk about being safe on the job, it is also important to remember to be safe at home.

This post has some great reminders about being safe during yard clean-up. According to the article, about 170,000 people get injured from ladder-involved yard work accidents. The author talks about precautions to take to prevent ladder injuries. I agree with her suggestions, but I have a few to add.

  1. Examine your ladder before climbing. Check for any loose or broken parts or for parts of the ladder that don’t function properly.
  2. Use the ladder only on level ground.
  3. Make sure you put your extension ladder at the correct angle, 75.5 degrees.
  4. Never lean to one side of a ladder. If you find yourself reaching, get off the ladder and move it closer to where you need it.
  5. Make sure to follow the “three rung rule” with extension ladders, meaning make sure to have you ladder extend three rungs above the roof line or whatever you are climbing.
  6. Never stand on the top rung or top cap of an A-frame ladder.

This is probably just a simple ladder safety review for you, but if you remember these rules while out doing  yard work this spring and summer, you are way less likely to get in an accident than if you forget the guidelines.