In our posts, we like to focus on the different aspects of ladder safety. Today, we will take a step back and talk about general ladder safety.

Workers sometimes make careless choices in regards. Falls from ladders have resulted in injuries including permanent disability death.

  • Here are just a couple of ladder safety tips for you to follow:

-Inspect the ladder for defects, including checks for cracks and corrosion. If the ladder fails the inspection, tag and remove the ladder

-Check the ladder’s feet to make sure the feet to make sure the work properly and that the feet are in good shape

-Use a fiberglass ladder if there is a chance you come into contact with electricity

-Set up the ladder on a firm, level surface. Also make sure the ladder is at the correct angle.

-If climbing a ladder to an upper level, extend the ladder three feet above the landing

-Always use three points of contact

-Never stand on the top cap or the top rung

  • These simple ladder safety tips will help you be safer as you climb your ladder!