The number one reason ladder safety training is important is to help prevent ladder accidents. More than 2,000 people are injured in ladder accidents each year, and more than 300 people die due to injuries from ladder accidents.

Common Injury-Causing Mistakes

Some of the common ladder mistakes include using the wrong size ladder, overreaching, ladder lashing, using ladders on uneven surfaces, and not setting the ladder up correctly. Proper training can compensate for the lack of common sense, helping to decrease the number of these accidents.

Training Tips

1. Train your employees on how to inspect a ladder and what to do if a ladder fails the inspection. Even if a person knows how to use a ladder the correct way, if the ladder would have failed an inspection, the safe ladder use does no good.

2. Safe ladder use leads to greater productivity. Something you and your workers may not realize is that habits such as overreaching or standing on the top cap can actually add time. Proper training leads to using proper technique which leads to getting your job done more quickly.

Help your employees be safe by helping them get ladder safety training.