Sometimes looking at statistics can be a reminder for why following ladder safety tips is so important and why helping others use their ladders safely is important too.

Here are some of the common statistics:

  • -43% of all fatal falls involve a ladder
  • -Men and Hispanics had more fatal and nonfatal ladder injuries than women and non-Hispanic whites and workers of other races/ethnicities
  • -Ladder fall injuries increase as the worker’s age increases
  • -Self-employed workers get injured at a higher rate than salary/wage workers
  • -The smaller the company, the higher the worker fatality rate
  • -The construction industry had the highest rates of ladder-related injuries compared to all other injuries.
  • -49% of all fatalities involved a head injury.

Falls from ladders are a serious matter, and these statistics prove it. We still have a lot of work to do to help people use their ladders safely. Hopefully, we can all work together to prevent these injuries from happening.

What will you do this week to be safer on your ladder?