Looking for a simple ladder safety training for your team? Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

First, go over ladder safety basics.

On an extension ladder you should (Thank you to safety.blr.com and laddersafetyhub.com for the guidelines.):

  • -Always maintain 3-point contact while on the ladder
  • -Remember to face the ladder while climbing
  • -Never lean outside the rails
  • -If using tools, carry them in a tool belt or use a hand line
  • -Make sure the top of the ladder extends three feet above the roof line
  • -Keep your ladder clean and free of any slippery materials

Here’s what your employees should NOT DO with their ladders:

  • -Put the ladder on any unstable bases like boxes or barrels
  • -Use the ladder on soft ground
  • -Put more weight on the ladder than the weight rating allows
  • -Tie two ladders together
  • -Use the ladder too close to overhead power lines
  • -Move the ladder while a person is on it
  • -Lean outside the ladder rails
  • -Use an extension ladder as a platform

Visual aids can also be helpful in training. Showing videos like this one can perfectly illustrate how not to use a ladder.