Combo SXE

Lightweight Combination Ladder

On any given job site, you are likely to be faced with a diverse landscape that you have to adapt to. The ComboSXE™ from Little Giant® is designed to help you reach your work no matter where the job may take you.

Combination Ladder

This combination ladder adjusts to stepladder and extension configurations with ease. Plus, the front, wide-flared side of the ladder has a telescoping feature, so you can also set up the ladder on staircases, getting closer to your work without sacrificing safety.

Two-Person Ladder

When set up in stepladder mode, the ComboSXE is certified as a two-person ladder, holding up to 375 lbs. on both sides.

Sturdy and Lightweight

This ladder has a wide-flared base and a narrow, functional extension, so you can reach tight attic access ports while in extension ladder configuration. A safety handrail at the top of the stepladder configuration minimizes sensations of unsteadiness or vertigo while working. Made from lightweight, non-conductive fiberglass, you will be able to get your work done quickly, safely and efficiently.


The ComboSXE meets or exceeds all OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards, and is rated Type IAA to hold 375 lbs. The 13’ model comes with V-bar on the extension side of the ladder that allows you to securely lean your extended ladder against an outside corner.

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