Defender Firefighting Ladder


At Little Giant Ladder Systems®, we make it a priority to help those in specialized occupations accomplish their tasks safely and efficiently, which is why we created the Defender™ firefighting ladder.


We understand how important it is to have the right equipment for the job, so we designed each aspect of this ladder for a firefighter’s specific needs. It is compact and lightweight, capable of fitting in most fire engine storage spaces. Made with Rock Lock® rung fasteners, this ladder is easy to use and adjust while wearing heavy firefighter gloves. Made with reflective labels, this element increases the ladder’s visibility. This ladder also features heat sensor labels that indicate when the ladder has been exposed to too much heat and should be taken out of service.


This lightweight aluminum ladder is an articulating, multi-position ladder. The Defender can convert to stepladder, extension, staircase, 90-degree and trestle-and-plank* scaffolding. With its wide-flared legs and Ratchet™ levelers, you increase your side-tip stability and safety when working on uneven surfaces.


The Defender meets the NFPA Standard for Manufacturer’s Design of Fire Department Ground Ladders and has been tested to the requirements of NFPA Standard on Use, Maintenance, and Service Testing of In-Service Fire Department Ground Ladders.

The ladder meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards and is IA rated to hold 300 lbs., and in its stepladder configuration, can hold 300 lbs. on both sides.

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