Double Sided Step Ladder

The new Little Giant DS-XL double sided step ladder is built specifically for extreme applications that require two people working together at heights. This special-duty-rated double-sided stepladder features extra wide steps to provide increased balance and stability and offers unmatched strength and durability.

Starting with the feet, the DS-XL has heavy-duty metal skid-pads to protect its slip-resistant rubber shoes when moving the ladder from place to place. It also has shock-absorbing rail shields and leg braces for extreme durability, and rubber impact shock bumpers to protect the ladder if it is blown over by the wind.

DS-XL double sided step ladder is constructed with Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz green rail. Little Giant’s Hi-Viz green is one of the most easily detected color hues to the human eye. Some of the most catastrophic falls are caused by people who walk or drive into an extension ladder while some is on it because they were unable to see the ladder.

The DS-XL also features Little Giant’s patented Ground Cue™ bottom step signal. Ground Cue™ trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him or her it is safe to step off the ladder, preventing common impact injuries from missing the bottom step.

DS-XL also features time- and energy-saving Tip & Glide™ Wheels, which make it quick and easy to move from job to job.

DS-XL meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI Type IAA, 375-lbs standards and is available in 6’ and 8’ ladder sizes.

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DS-XL Aluminum Step Ladder