LedgeLock Auto Tie-Off System

The transition point between the ladder and the roof is where some of the most catastrophic ladder accidents take place. Ordinary extension ladders are neither designed nor tested for the act of stepping to the side when at the top of the ladder. ANSI and OSHA guidelines require ladders to extend three feet above the roof line, but these accidents still happen.

The LedgeLock™ Auto Tie-Off System™, used with the Claw® fastening system on Little Giant extension ladders, will end catastrophic ladder-to-roof and roof-to-ladder transition falls.

The adaptable LedgeLock simply and securely mounts to a roof or platform. The operator secures the Claw mechanism while standing safely on the ground and steps safely through the Walkthrough™ to access the roof, maintaining three points of contact the entire time.

The operator never steps to the side, and the ladder cannot shift at the critical point at which the operator transitions from roof to ladder or from ladder to roof. The Walkthrough offers a sturdy, secure handle for the operator as he or she mounts and dismounts the ladder.

When the job is done, the operator simply disengages the Claw mechanism and removes the ladder. The LedgeLock Roof Mount remains on the structure for next time. The LedgeLock Auto Tie-Off System not only save lives, but it also allows innovative, safety-conscious architects, designers, and property owners to remove unsafe, unsightly fixed ladders from the exterior of their buildings.

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