Underground Utilities Access Ladder

Traditional underground utilities ladders (manhole ladders) are heavy, awkward and often require two people to operate them safely. The new Little Giant Utilities Access Ladder is designed to allow one utilities professional to access underground work areas quickly and safely.

The Utilities Access ladder is comprised of three sections: a 12’ base ladder, a 4’ extension piece and an 8’ extension piece. These three sections combine to give you three height options to help you adapt to different situations.

  • Option 1: The base section by itself is a 12’ underground utilities access ladder.
    Option 2: The base section plus the 4’ extension section combine to give you a 16’ utilities ladder.
    Option 3: The base section plus the 8’ extension section combine to give you a 20’ utilities ladder.

The Utilities Access ladder is designed to be narrow enough to fit in a standard manhole and to give the user enough room to climb comfortably through the opening. This Utilities Access ladder is significantly lighter and easier to operate than any comparable ladder, and its rungs are sealed at the ends to keep them free of debris and buildup. The Rapid Lock attachment mechanism and tapered end caps on the extension pieces make setting up and operating the Utilities ladder a quick one-man job.

The Utilities Access ladder is constructed with Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz green rail. Little Giant’s Hi-Viz green is one of the most easily detected color hues to the human eye. Some of the most catastrophic falls are caused by people who collide with an extension ladder while someone is on it because they were unable to see the ladder.

The Little Giant Utilities Access ladder meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards for special-duty, Type IAA (375 lbs-rated) standards.

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