Underground Utilities Access Ladder

Easily access your tasks at the job site with the Underground Utilities Access™ ladder. While most manhole ladders are heavy and awkward to carry, the Little Giant® Utilities Access ladder is designed to allow one pro to access underground work areas quickly and safely. It is narrow enough to fit in a standard manhole and gives the user enough room to comfortably climb through the opening.

Ladder Extenders

This ladder is comprised of two sections: a base ladder and extension pieces. Start with a 4’, 8’ or 12’ base. In addition, you can purchase a 4’ and 8’ extension section, so you can set up your ladder to have the length needed for the task at hand. The Utilities Access Ladder can be configured to give you access to 12’, 16’ or 20′ areas.

Rapid Lock® Adjustment

With Rapid Lock® adjustments, you will be able to seamlessly switch your ladder extenders, so you can confidently and quickly access the job site.

Non-Conductive, Hi-Viz Green Fiberglass Rails

Lean, Mean and Hi-Viz Green®, the Underground Utilities Access ladder is made from our ultra-strong, non-conductive fiberglass. The Hi-Viz Green color also has been tested to be the most visible color to the human eye. A more visible ladder has the potential to result in less accidents for the person on the ladder- you.


This ladder meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards and is Type IAA rated to hold 375 lbs.

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Utility Access Extension Ladder