The QuickStep™ is a lightweight, industrial-strength for in-home, commercial, and professional use combination step stool and adjustable Aframe stepladder. The QuickStep features extra-deep rungs and a wide-flared leg for extra comfort and stability. It can be used safely on stairs and uneven surfaces and includes the innovative no-pinch Comfort Step, Little Giant’s exclusive spreader and standing platform system.

Comfort Step™. The no-pinch Comfort Step is an ideal place to stand on a ladder. The wide standing surface reduces foot fatigue. The Comfort Step design also greatly reduces “walking ladder syndrome.” The Comfort Step handle also allows you to set-up and take down your ladder with one hand without putting your fingers near any pinch points.

Rock Lock® rung fasteners. Note the raised grips on the lower portion of the Rock Locks. Unlock the Rock Locks by pressing inward on the grips to disengage the lock assemblies. Now you can adjust the ladder’s height. Simply engage the Rock Locks completely into the desired rung hole to secure the ladder’s height and position.

Select Grip™ Handle. The black handle is found on the rear of the back legs. Rotate this handle to disengage the lock pins so you can telescope the back legs to the desired height.

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Quickstep Adjustable Step Ladder