Standing on the top rung or top cap of traditional stepladders is the leading cause of stepladder accidents and is also one of the top three reasons for OSHA citations in construction. Operators have a tendency to select the closest and lightest option available. When they need a taller stepladder, they break OSHA and ANSI rules by climbing past the highest recommended step to the top rung or top cap, which is an extremely unsafe practice. We engineered the patent-pending Little Giant SafeFrame® stepladder to deter operators from standing on either the top rung or top cap. The SafeFrame also features an extra wide standing rung to provide increased balance and stability.

Little Giant’s unique Face-Forward™ top cap cradles the operators legs, encouraging the operator to face the front of the ladder while working rather than turning or twisting their body unsafely.

As many as 20 percent of injuries occur when the operator accidentally misses the bottom step while descending the ladder, which commonly results in severe ankle, knee, and back injuries.

The SafeFrame features Little Giant’s patent-pending Ground Cue™ bottom rung signal. Ground Cue™ trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him or her it is safe to step off the ladder.

The SafeFrame is also available with Little Giant’s new, patented Ratchet™ Levelers on every leg. The integrated Ratchet™ Levelers adjust hands-free in seconds. Simply deploy the levelers with your foot until the ladder reaches a level, stable setup. The levelers offer over 6 inches of leveling adjustment.

These features are designed to prevent the most common types of stepladder injuries. The SafeFrame is constructed of high-strength non-conductive fiberglass and is ANSI rated to hold 375 lbs.

The SafeFrame Stepladder is available in 6, 8, 10, and 12-foot sizes.

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