The Little Giant Xtra-Lite™ is super lightweight weighing only 12 lbs, so it’s very easy to carry, maneuver, and use. But the Xtra-Lite is not a light-duty ladder; in fact, it has earned the highest duty rating available at Type IAA or 375 lbs. This stepladder can handle every job around your home, from changing light bulbs to the jobs that require heavy tools and materials.

The Xtra-Lite opens easily from a slim 5” storage profile and offers comfortable 3 1/8-inch treads on each rung, with a very spacious, comfortable standing platform. The Xtra-Lite’s innovative top cap allows to you keep all of your tools close at hand—no more trips up and down the ladder for tools or hardware. In addition, the Xtra-Lite works perfectly with the optional Vertical Organizer, which expands the top cap’s holding capacity and is a convenient wall rack for storage.

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