022912-news-levitated-mass-1-ss-662wThis week, I ran across a news story about a man who was critically injured after falling from a ladder. When paramedics arrived, they found the man under cardiac arrest who was unconscious with a major head injury. The paramedics resuscitated the man and then transported him to the hospital.

Like many of the stories I run across, this article didn’t have a ton of information. What caused the man to fall? Was it the cardiac arrest? Or did that happen after he fell?

Even though we don’t have many answers, this story is an important reminder of why we need to be careful on ladders. This man was somebody’s father, brother, son and husband. We push so much for ladder safety because we don’t want your family and friends, or the family and friends of someone from your team, to go through the pain of losing you because of a preventable accident.

Because we don’t have many details, we can’t know for sure how this accident was caused. From the information we have, there is a chance the man experienced a medical emergency. If you happen to feel unwell, such as dizzy, lightheaded or generally not well, when on a ladder, climb down until you feel well again.

Please remember climb safe and to help your team climb safe.