With the Presidential Inauguration recently completed, this ladder story seems fitting. It is a couple years old, but goes with the events of this month. This news story is about a Secret Servicemen getting injured from a fall from a ladder.


At the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of President Obama’s Secret Servicemen was waiting for his arrival, when the man fell from a ladder while descending a building. The man was treated for non life-threatening injuries in Los Angeles.

Even if your job is to protect the president, you still could get a ladder-related injury, so it’s important to learn how to use a ladder safely.

The article does not have much detail on what led to the accident or what type of ladder was being used, but, because the ladder was outside, we can make a couple of educated guesses. The ladder was most likely either an extension ladder or a caged ladder, since it was outside and he was getting down from a building.

If the ladder was a caged ladder, all the man had to do was lose his footing, and he would have bounced back and forth between the rails until he hit the bottom. Ow! If he was on an extension ladder, he could have lost his footing, leaned to far to one side, or made another unsafe mistake. The good news is that whatever happened, it wasn’t too serious since he had only minor injuries.

This article is a good reminder of the importance of training all employees and government workers on ladder safety.