downloadIf you are looking for a some quality Ladder Safety training, make sure to check out from the American Ladder Institute. The American Ladder Institute, founded in 1947, promotes ladder safety through education and encouraging companies to develop safe products.

The free ladder safety training for safe use on all types of ladders – stepladders, single and extension ladders, articulated ladders and mobile ladders. The safety training includes information on choosing the right ladder and using it for many different jobs, including construction, painting, custodial services, electrical, manufacturing, chemical, home, oil and gas.

You can just register on the site, choose the type of ladder you want to get trained on, watch the video and take a test. The website also keeps track of the videos watched and tests taken. Once you pass a specific section, you get a certificate.

If multiple people in your company earn the certification, you can earn a safety recognition for your company.