tied offToday on our Facebook page, we shared this photo with the caption “At least he’s tied off?” Looking at this photo, it’s hard to believe someone could be following some safety guidelines while still using the ladder so wrong!

Issues with this Tied Off Version

Let’s analyze this picture a little bit and decide what the worker could have done better.

It’s a little difficult to tell exactly what the worker is trying to do from the picture, but it is obvious he is not using the correct ladder for the job. This violation seems to be the biggest issue with the worker. In this particular work set-up, it looks like an Aerial Safety Cage or articulating ladder would have worked better for the job than this backwards-facing extension ladder. With the Cage, he would not even need to be tied off.

The second main point of concern is the way the extension ladder is being used. The ladder should be leaned against a wall or sturdy surface, instead of against thin air. The ladder should also be set up at 75.5 degrees. We don’t know exactly what angle this ladder is at currently, but it definitely doesn’t look steep enough.

Also, looking at this photo, there is another problem. The coworker is sitting the background, and it looks like he is laughing. I would hope if there was an unsafe worker on a job site, his coworkers would call him out, rather than sitting back and watching.