New Ladder Innovations and Continuing Education
Prevent Ladder Accidents

Springville, Utah, January 21, 2014 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®
(, the industry leader in ladder safety innovations, is demonstrating
the industry’s most innovative advancements in ladder design at the 2014 World of Concrete
Show in Las Vegas (Booth S11321). Live ladder safety trainings, free online ladder safety
trainings, and new disruptive ladder innovations for contractors and trade professionals bring
unparalleled ladder and scaffolding fall prevention.
“The numbers are shocking. Every day 2,000 people are injured while using ladders; 100 suffer
a long-term or permanent disability; and tragically, 1 person dies—every day,” said Ryan Moss,
CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems and Vice President of the American Ladder Institute. “For
many companies, ladder-related incidents are the single greatest injury and lost-time expense.
Continuing education and providing state-of-the-art ladder innovation are the best ways
companies can reduce, and in many cases, prevent ladder accidents.”
The Claw™, Aerial Safety Cage™, and AirWing™ fiberglass stepladder are only a few of the
recent Little Giant innovations that are increasing workplace safety and are being adopted by
construction companies, professional contractors and safety officers.
“Better training and innovation in ladder safety will help organizations save time, money, and
most importantly, lives,” said Art Wing, President of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “Challenging
conventional wisdom for more than 40 years, Little Giant has reshaped the ladder industry. Our
innovations have not only changed ladders forever, they have prevented injuries and saved
Safety Training:
Little Giant Ladder Systems is providing show qualified attendees the opportunity to schedule a
free ladder safety training from a ladder safety expert in which all participants will receive a
certificate of completion. Little Giant will also introduce attendees to the American Ladder
Institute’s (ALI) free online ladder safety training program ( This
program, which covers the four major types of ladders and features a pre-test, video instruction,
and post-test, allows safety professionals to record and track their employees’ certification by
New Product Innovations:
The Claw™
• When attached to a suitable overhead anchor point with appropriate fall-arrest
equipment, the Claw Positioning System can prevent an operator from falling from an
extension ladder.
• With the lightweight 4-pound Claw installed, any operator can safely and securely fasten
the top of an extension ladder to a cable strand, scaffolding, or other suitable overhead
anchor point before leaving the ground.
• The Claw’s weight-activated clamp automatically attaches to an overhead anchor point
preventing unwanted shifting, sliding, or tipping, which often result in life-altering or fatal
Aerial Safety Cage™
• New industry rules and regulations require operators working above a certain height to
either tie off to a suitable anchor point or to work in an approved enclosure.
• In certain situations where suitable anchor points are not available, these regulations
can be difficult and in many cases, almost impossible to follow.
• Bridging the gap between tie-off rules and operational efficiency, the Aerial Safety Cage
is a mobile, cost-effective, and versatile solution that gives professionals a fully
enclosed, completely height-adjustable secure work platform allowing 360-degree aerial
AirWing™ Fiberglass Stepladder
• Unlike most lightweight compact stepladders, which are usually engineered for light
residential use, the Little Giant AirWing stepladder offers a safe, mobile standing surface
for tradesmen and working professionals.
• The lightweight, non-conductive AirWing opens easily from a 3-inch storage profile, yet
its pivoting steps offer comfortable 4.5-inch treads on each rung, with a spacious,
comfortable standing platform at the top.
• With a lightweight, slim profile and special duty construction (ANSI Type IAA – 375 lb.
rating), the AirWing is a safe yet portable climbing solution for any jobsite.
About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing
products to discerning homeowners and professionals throughout the world. The company’s
growing family of consumer brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little Giant Xtreme™,
SumoStance™, Select Step™, Lunar™ and Combo SXE™.
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