Non-Profits And Community Volunteers Can Now Borrow Little Giant
Ladders For Community Service, Clean Up and Disaster Projects
Springville, Utah, June 29, 2011 – Today Little Giant Ladder Systems®, maker of the
original articulating ladder, and ToolBank USA, provider of high-quality tools to nonprofit
organizations across the country, announced the versatile and safe Little Giant Ladders
are now being lent to nonprofit organizations and their volunteers for community
improvement projects. A full line of Little Giant Ladder Systems products has been
donated so community citizens can easily use these needed tools to make their
neighborhoods a better, safer place to live.
“With the generous support and valuable partnership of Little Giant Ladder Systems, the
ToolBank is helping remove barriers for volunteers to engage across our communities,”
said Patty Russart, Executive Director of the Atlanta Community ToolBank. “Due to the
versatility and dependability of Little Giant Ladders, community volunteers, from
teenagers to senior citizens, can easily transport and adjust ladder settings to get any
job done. Little Giant Ladders have become a staple to help nonprofit organizations
complete community service, clean up and disaster-relief projects.”
ToolBank member organizations, such as local Habitat for Humanity chapters, will be
using Little Giant Ladders for various community projects such as building homes and
parks, repairing soup kitchens and shelters, and cleaning up from recent natural
Little Giant Ladder’s donation of safe and dependable ladders will help keep volunteers
comfortable and secure as they give their time and energy to rebuild and improve the
heartland of America. Rather than having to use many different sizes of stepladders to
complete a job, volunteers can now use the lightweight Select Step™ ladder, which
combines the features of 6 different ladders into one. Working on unlevel ground, often
necessary in disaster areas and nearly every worksite, can now be safely done with the
wide-stance SumoStance extension ladder that increases side-tip stability by over
500%. Little Giant ladders are engineered to prevent accidents, save lives and will help
volunteer workers better accomplish their projects without having to feel nervous while
using a ladder.
“ToolBank USA provides a tremendous solution to a growing need among community
volunteers—doing more with less,” said H. Arthur Wing, President of Little Giant Ladder
Systems. “Revitalizing communities, preventing injuries, and saving lives are central to
the heart and mission of the entire Little Giant Ladder Systems family-owned business.
Providing Little Giant Ladders to this important organization will help volunteers across
the nation do more with less. We are honored to partner with ToolBank USA and
applaud their exceptional work.”
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About ToolBank USA:
ToolBank USA is championing the national movement to provide an abundance of highquality
tools to nonprofits and their volunteers through the replication of the ToolBank
program. ToolBank USA provides the business model, training, infrastructure and
systems support to ToolBanks in local communities, allowing each ToolBank to focus on
core functions of customer service, accuracy, and professionalism. In collaboration with
local leadership, ToolBank USA is bringing Tools For Change® to communities across
the United States.
About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing
products to discerning homeowners and professionals throughout the world. The
company’s growing family of consumer brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little
Giant Xtreme™, SumoStance™, Lunar™, Select Step™, and MicroBurst™.
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