World’s Only Wide-Stance Extension Ladder
Helps Professionals Work Faster And Safer On Uneven Surfaces

Springville, Utah, August 27, 2013 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®
(, the industry leading in ladder safety innovation,
today unveiled the new SumoStance™ extension ladder with automatically leveling
retractable outriggers. With the SumoStance, the world’s only wide-stance extension
ladder, professionals can prevent many of the most severe ladder accidents caused by
over-reaching on uneven surfaces.
Video and images of the SumoStance extension can be viewed at:
“Over-reaching at the top of a ladder is a major cause of some of the most deadly
ladder accidents,” said H. Arthur Wing, President, Little Giant Ladder Systems. “Using
the ladders on uneven ground only compounds the problem. When used correctly, the
SumoStance’s wide base and auto-leveling outriggers can practically eliminate the risk
of a tall extension ladder tipping sideways.”
SumoStance prevents injuries and potentially saves lives by:
Automatically adjusting the outriggers to eliminate human error. There is
no need to manually ratchet each outrigger. Users can now pick up the ladder,
set it down with the rungs level, and AutoLeveler outriggers automatically lock
into place and are ready for use. Side-to-side and front-to-back angle indicators
help operators ensure a safe, stable set-up every time.
Doubling the base width of ordinary extension ladders. The outriggers
extend to more than twice the base width of any other extension ladder,
increasing side-tip stability by over 600% over ordinary extension ladders.
Decreasing the weight of an extension ladder up to 15%. Strains and sprains
to the neck, shoulder, or back from lifting heavy extension ladders are by far the
most common kinds of ladder-related injuries. The SumoStance features
nonconductive LiteWave™ fiberglass technology, which is up to 15% lighter than
ordinary narrow-base fiberglass extension ladders composites without any
decrease in strength or stability.
“The numbers are shocking. Every day 2,000 people are injured while using traditional
style ladders; 100 suffer a long-term or permanent disability, and tragically, 1 person
dies—every day,” said Ryan Moss, CEO. “Dozens of families are impacted every day,
not to mention the cost of lost time, compensation, and medical expenses. We built the
SumoStance and the AutoLevelers to bring those numbers down—to prevent injuries
and hopefully save lives.”
The SumoStance AutoLevel™ extension ladder is available at select retailers and
industrial supply houses nationwide.
About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing
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