We’ve demoed a lot of projects at Gadgets 4 Guys but we came across one of the most useful gadgets this last week. The guys over at Little Giant decided to send us one of their awesome Little Giant Xtreme ladders. There are a million ladders out there. You have the tiny little step stool ladders that always seem to be about 2 feet short of where you need them to be. Then you have the over-sized ladders that are impossible to maneuver and take up half of your garage to store. It was a problem that Little Giant solved with their innovative approach to ladders. The Xtreme is a designer’s dream. The managed to create 24 different ladders and cram them down into a storage size of less than 4 feet tall. The flexibility doesn’t stop with the storage size though. If you need an A-Frame ladder, simply unlocking the sides of the ladder will allow you to raise the top part up that go all the way up to 11′ depending on your model. If the A-Frame isn’t tall enough for you and you need to get up higher, you can move the Xtreme into full extension. This allows you the ability to go up to 23′ if necessary which is on par with a lot of the full ladders out there. There are wheels located on one side of the Xtreme which allows you to move the ladder around very easily. Finally, they have an AirDeck Workstation that will allow you to set tools and also provide an extra hand for stability. If you have a big paint job, you can also get their paint tray that connects to the Little Giant Xtreme and should limit the number of trips up and down the ladder (while minimizing the mess). It is also pretty awesome because the paint comes right off once it dries. The ladder was so awesome that we had to actually put together a decent video to show all of these great features out. Check it out! Click here for image source and where to buy the Little Giant Xtreme.