We often read about tragic ladder accidents, and this one is definitely tragic. An elderly man was using a ladder as he trimmed bushes when he lost his balance and fell. He went right to the hospital but died from his injuries immediately rushed to the hospital, but ended up dying as a result of his injuries.

The Accident

According to the man’s wife, he was healthy and active and was just out doing yard work. He was about five feet from the ground and was on his last couple of bushes when he fell.

A neighbor who witnessed the fall said, “It happened so quickly. One minute he was up the ladder and the next he rolled onto the road on his back. I remember wishing he had taken more care and that it was an old ladder.”

How it Could Have Been Prevented

We don’t have much information on what caused the man’s fall. We do know he was climbing an old ladder. We often call this “Grandpa’s ladder.” Grandpa’s ladder is your old ladder hanging out in the shed or garage. You’ve used it for years and years, but it is probably time to switch it out. There are very few things you should still be using after 40 years, and  a ladder is not one of those few things. Invest in newer, more modern ladders to help us get work done more safely.

There is a chance the man was not being 100 percent safe while on his ladder. Whenever you use a ladder, follow safety protocol: maintain three points of contact, keep your body between the rails and don’t climb on the top rung or top cap.

In light of such a tragedy, our hearts go out to this man’s family. Let’s learn from this man’s accident so we can stay safe.