Fiberglass ladders are the best option for industrial work

Fiberglass ladders are the best option for industrial work

This week, I ran across an article talking about a man who was injured when his metal ladder touched a power line. It seems like I run across articles on this topic more often than other types of ladder injuries.

Metal Ladder Accident

The injured man was working for a tree removal company and was part of a group of employees hired to remove several trees from a property. The man was asked to help move an aluminum 23-foot extension ladder. The top-heavy ladder fell over when the group tried to move it, falling into a group of power lines. Three other men were also holding the ladder when it fell, but they sustained only minor injuries while the first man had to have CPR.

So, what can we learn from this tragic accident?

The first lesson is to use a fiberglass ladder whenever there is a chance you will be by anything conducting electricity. Fiberglass ladders do not conduct electricity and are a much safer option for industrial work.

The second lesson is to use updated equipment. There should be no reason an extension ladder requires four people to carry it. Ladders have advanced, and there are plenty of sturdy, lightweight fiberglass ladders on the market.

Unfortunately, this man has suffered both major injuries and extreme costs as a result of the accident. With just a little more training and prevention taken by his boss, this accident could have easily been prevented.

Hopefully, we can learn from this man’s accident and not suffer the same fate.