national deck safety monthMay is National Deck Safety Month. What do decks have to do with ladders? For decks or porches that are above the ground, ladders become crucial in the deck installation and upkeep.

One of the potential ladder safety risks with deck installation and upkeep is the desire to stand on the top cap when trying to reach certain parts of the deck.

If you are ever working on a deck and are tempted to stand on the top cap, just remember to use a ladder that is the correct height so you don’t have to stand on the top.

Just like anything else, it’s important to remember basic ladder safety tips:

-Maintain three points of contact or control

-Inspect the ladder before using it

-Make sure the spreader bars are locked in place if using an A-frame

As a safety officer, you may have jobs that involve installing or fixing a deck. If that isn’t in your line of work, maybe you have a deck at home that occasionally needs maintenance.

When completing any sort of maintenance on a deck, remember that ladder safety is an important piece of deck safety.