new articleJust last weekend, Dave got another article published on OH&S Magazine. The article talks more about fall protection and fall prevention and has some great ladder safety tips and reminders.

Article Summary

The main causes for injuries is carrying equipment that is too heavy, especially over a long period of time. Another cause is using the wrong ladder for the job. The last major cause of injuries Dave mentions is over-reaching and improper setup. In the article, Dave also talks about ways to combat these common issues.

In the second part of the article, Dave talks about advancements in fall prevention. The first advancement he mentions is the ladder positioning system to help technicians who have to climb on power lines. The positioning system has a rope system and a clamp that locks in place. If the operator or ladder slips, the clamp prevents the operator from falling to the ground. Another development in the fall prevention movement is the use of aerial safety cages, which allow the operator to follow all the tie-off rules while keeping his or her hands free.

The article goes into a lot more detail about each element mentioned. Make sure you click here to read the entire article Dave worked so hard on! It has some great tips and reminders for all of us.