Enclosed Adjustable Platform Gives Easy Access To Constricted Areas
Where a Mechanical Lift or Ordinary Stepladder Could Never Go

Springville, Utah, August 27, 2013 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®, the industry leader
in ladder safety innovation, (www.littlegiantladders.com), unveiled today the Compact
Cage™, a fully enclosed adjustable-height work platform that allows users to work safely
and quickly without tying off. The compact, portable design allows working professionals
to access hard-to-reach areas—such as standard ceiling tile openings—so users can work
above the drop ceilings while complying with tie-off rules.
Construction, facility maintenance, HVAC, IT, electrical, plumbing and Pro-A/V
professionals can now use the Compact Cage to work in areas a mechanical lift or
ordinary stepladder could never go.
The Little Giant Compact Cage video and images can be viewed at:
“New rules and regulations require operators working above a certain height to tie off to an
anchor point before they can work with both hands,” said Ryan Moss Moss, CEO, Little
Giant Ladder Systems and Vice President of the American Ladder Institute. “In some
circumstances, these standards are difficult or even impossible to keep and often result in
operators working in unsafe positions. The new Compact Cage helps professionals work
both quickly and safely, within the rules.”
By allowing easy access to constricted areas, the Compact Cage is a mobile, costeffective
and versatile solution:
• Quick, easy adjustment allows operators to place the standing platform at multiple
heights depending on the job at hand.
• Independently adjusting sides allow users to work safely on uneven surfaces, even
• Secure 42-inch tall enclosure and huge standing platform protects operators,
allowing them 360-degree, hands-free aerial access.
• Non-conductive fiberglass construction for safety near live electrical circuits.
• Optional outriggers increase stability to prevent side tips.
The Little Giant Compact Cage is now available at construction and industrial equipment
distributors nationwide.

About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing products
to discerning homeowners and professionals throughout the world. The company’s growing family
of consumer brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little Giant Xtreme™, SumoStance™, Select
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