This week, Dave Francis’ podcast was featured on The podcast talks about ladder safety. It’s a great tool for getting some quick ladder safety tips.

About the Podcast

Dave worked with one of the admins of Creative Safety Publishing, Dan Clark, to put together the podcast. In the podcast, Dave answers common ladder safety questions. He also talks about the concept of fall prevention and fall protection and what can be done to prevent ladder falls.


Here’s a link to check out the podcast. If you have some time, make sure to check it out. There is some great information. You can use the podcast for yourself or as a training tool for your team. The ten questions Dave answered included questions about OSHA guidelines in relation to ladder safety. There were also questions about proper footwear and proper equipment, fiberglass ladders, the purpose of a stepladders’ top rung, worn out safety labels and proper ladder inspection.

Listen to Other Podcasts!

Once you finish listening to Dave’s podcast, make sure you check out the others on their site. They have some other great safety podcasts. There are some great ones talking about OSHA, NIOSH and risk reduction, just to name a few.