tree trimmingA man in North Carolina fell from his ladder when he was shocked by a power line. The man had been trimming a tree when the tree branch slipped and hit the high voltage power line with the man holding the branch. The man was shocked and ended up in the hospital.

What He Should Have Done

There have been quite a few stories in the news involving people who got injured while cutting down or trimming a tree. When tree trimming, you need to be careful you aren’t leaned against the tree. The biggest thing you want to do before cutting down the tree is determine where the branch will be falling and how much space the branch needs. Some of this estimation takes a little bit of math and skill, but it is important. Once you determine both of these elements, you can decide where to put your ladder.

If you are working by a power line, you will want to make sure you use a fiberglass ladder to prevent the chance of electrocution. Unfortunately, in the case of this news story, a fiberglass ladder would not necessarily have helped. To help ensure safety, OSHA has some tips for safe tree trimming on its website.

These tips are probably a review for you, but please take the time to remind your team about tree trimming ladder safety. So many accidents happen when people misplan or miscalculate the tree. To prevent these common accidents, it seems a little training is needed to help.