NIOSH ladder appFor those of you who haven’t heard, NIOSH came out with an app to help improve ladder safety. The app was released last year and has been incredibly popular (close to 19,000 downloads). The Ladder Safety app is even a finalist for an innovation award. So, what makes this app so great? Let me tell you.

Using the NIOSH Ladder App

The NIOSH app is great for any smartphone owner who uses a ladder.  With easy-to-use tools, the app helps users know when the single or extension ladder is leaning at the right angle. I love using this app to make sure the ladder is safe and ready to be climbed. One of the more common reasons ladders fail is because the user sets them up at the wrong angle. This app helps eliminate that risk. The user can set up the ladder, and then test the angle right there, checking to make sure the ladder angle is what it should be.

Why I Love the App

The app is unlike  any other ladder apps, since it addresses the issue of ladder safety head-on with a solution. Not everyone can tell what angle a ladder is leaning just by looking at it, for example, but this app can help you know before climbing. I also love the other resources included in the download. There are safety guides and tools to help you inspect your ladder. A number of groups, including the American Ladder Institute and the ANSI A14 committee on Ladder Safety were involved in the development process, helping the app to become the best of the best.

This app helps people be safer on their ladders. In all my presentations, I talk about the app and encourage the attendees to download it to their phones. If the app would be helpful to you, you can download it here.