resourcesHaving a representative from OSHA come to do an inspection can be a little intimidating. But, with a little preparation, you can be ready for the inspection to happen at any time.

Remember to always make sure your workers are trained properly and that OSHA guidelines are enforced. Making sure safety guidelines are enforced regularly will help your team be ready since they will already be used to practicing safety.

Here are a few tips for when the inspector comes:

Remember to:

-Be nice

-Verify the inspector’s identity

-Make records accessible

-Take photos and notes during the inspection

-Correct the issues found by the inspector


Here’s what you should not do:

-Be rude

-Keep inaccurate records

-Refuse entry to the inspector

-Avoid answering questions

– Tell employees to lie to the inspector

-Give money to an inspector

– Wait to correct hazards until cited

What does an OSHA inspection have to do with ladder safety? If your team members are not using their ladders properly, the business will foot the bill for the OSHA violations. Take a few precautions now so you are ready whenever the OSHA inspector comes.