resourcesThe results from 2014’s most common OSHA safety violations are in. What do you think came in at number one?

The answer is….Fall Protection. Ladders also came in at number seven.

Fall prevention and ladder safety are both crucial, but somehow people seem to overlook how important they are. What can be done to decrease these violations?

Train, Train, Train

Make sure you train your team on the importance of ladder safety. Train your team on every aspect of fall protection. You can make the training interesting my using multimedia and by making the training interactive.

Enforce the Guidelines

What good is safety training if the guidelines are not enforced? OSHA reps can come out at any time and write up the violations, so it is important to make sure your team follows all the guidelines. It is crucial to prevent your team from developing bad habits by letting them know whenever there is an infraction.

Reward Safety

Work with your team to set safety goals. You could choose a number of days to go without having an accident, or another goal that is applicable to your team. Then, when the team reaches the goal, reward them.

OSHA’s top 10 list is always a good time to check what we are doing and see what we can improve on. What can your team do better to prevent issues with fall protection or ladder safety?