Working on power lines has some unique concerns when it comes to ladder safety. For those of you working in the cable and telecom industries, here are a few safety reminders.

Choose Fiberglass Every Time

Whenever you are working around power lines, choose a fiberglass ladder. While you may not plan to come in contact with electricity, it is best to be prepared.

Follow the Belt Buckle Rules

Whenever climbing the ladder, make sure to stay within the rails, following “the belt buckle rule.” Especially when using a tall ladder, just a little movement at the top of the ladder can lead to a large movement at the bottom of the ladder, causing the ladder to fall over.

Inspect the Ladder’s Feet

Before climbing, inspect the ladder’s feet and make sure they are in good condition. When the ladder is leaning against a telephone pole, it could easily slip down if the ladder feet are too worn.

What are other ladder safety tips do you you have for those who work in the cable and telecom industry?