construction industryI recently found this study based on some research about construction industry accidents in Sweden. The study is a few years old, but the information is still relevant. The research was trying to find what was causing injuries to the workers in the construction industry, and they found falling from ladders was the most common cause.

The study found that “Ladder accidents account for nearly 5 percent of all reported occupational accidents in the Swedish construction industry. This is almost 600 accidents in the Swedish construction industry alone.”

Risks in the Construction Industry

The study found the most common causes of the ladder accidents in the construction industry were:

-The bottom of extension ladders sliding out

-Using a ladder with the wrong angle of inclination

-Stepladders tipping sideways

In addition to the facts surrounding these construction industry accidents, researchers found a couple of other points of interest. Researchers found that almost half of all the accidents happened to carpenters and painters. Researchers also found that those 40 percent of those who were injured were absent for more than a month, and half of all victims had permanent disability.

Preventing the Accidents

As the research shows, those who are injured from ladder falls face some severe complications after the accident. So, what can those who work in the construction industry do to help prevent ladder injuries?

The most important thing to do is provide proper training. Make sure you train your employees on using ladders the right way. Check out the list above and see if you can do a special training on each issue.

Make sure you teach your employees how to set up and climb the ladder so the bottom won’t slide out. Teach them about putting their ladder at the right incline angle and then how to prevent the stepladders from tipping.

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