Ladder tipping is one of the leading causes of ladder accidents. Stabilizing your ladder can prevent these types of accidents. Here are a few steps to stabilize your ladder:


We talk a lot about ladder inspection, but that’s because ladder inspection is so important. Keep your ladder in working order. Check all the parts to make sure they are in working order. If anything seems like it isn’t working right, take the ladder out of service and either fix it or dispose of it.

Stable Ground

Make sure the ground is stable before you set the ladder. Take caution around any wet or otherwise slippery surfaces. If the ground is soft or muddy, set up your ladder in another area. side to make it level.If the ground is uneven, never built up on side of the ladder. Instead, dig out the high  side.

Securing the top of the Ladder

When using an extension ladder, secure it at the top. If using a ladder on the roof, make sure the ladder extends three feet past the roof line.

Movement at the top of the ladder

Even a slight lean at the top of a ladder can cause the ladder to Tip. Make sure to never lean while on the ladder, and always follow the “belt buckle rule.” Tipping is a common causes of injury, but can be prevented easily if the worker takes the time to move the ladder rather than lean to one side.