preventing ladders on the freewayPreventing ladder accidents on the freeway sounds simple, but, in reality, sometimes ladders do end up in the road, causing some traffic safety concerns. A situation like that happened recently in Plymouth, England. According to the news report, a ladder left on the freeway resulted in a collision between four vehicles and long delays for drivers. Investigators did not know exactly how the ladder got in the road; they just knew the damage the ladder caused. The ladder undoubtedly fell from a traveling vehicle.

Preventing Ladders on the Freeway

While nobody was injured from the misplaced ladder, people could have been. When transporting ladders, it is important to secure it properly. One way you can secure the ladder is by putting them on a ladder rack on top of the vehicle. Make sure you locate the ladder’s center of gravity. Center the ladder on the ladder rack based on that point. Then, use ratchet tie downs to secure the ladder.

Secure the ladder to Your Vehicle

If you are driving a pickup truck instead of using a ladder rack, make sure everything is secured properly. In reality, sometimes the wind can catch items in the truck bed and blow them out. If the ladder fits in the truck bed, then lay down the ladder and secure it and anything else in the bed. If the ladder needs to be leaned against the cab, make sure you use tie downs to properly secure it.

Put Your Ladder Inside Your Vehicle

Another option you have when transporting ladders, is to put the ladder in your vehicle. Make sure you put your ladder on the floor and somewhere where it won’t slide up to the front and hit the windshield, or worse, a person. If the ladder is too long for the car, make sure you properly secure the ladder inside the car and attach a flag of some kind so drivers behind you can see the ladder protruding from the car. If you are able to get your ladder all the way inside your vehicle, you will actually get better gas mileage than if you keep the ladder on top of the vehicle or hanging out of the back.