Dark Horse Features

The Dark Horse is a great articulating ladder, especially for industrial jobs. Here are some of the features and benefits of this ladder:

-The Dark Horse helps you avoid common ladder issues

-Is the only fiberglass multi-use ladder on the market

-The wide-flared base provides extra stability and prevents accidents caused by over-reaching

-Constructed with lightweight, super-strong, non-conductive fiberglass

-Is a versatile tool for any job site

  • -Can be used used as an A-frame, extension, and 90-degree ladder

Jobs for the Dark Horse

The Dark Horse can help you with almost any task, especially any industrial jobs. The fiberglass makes the Dark Horse sturdy and able to be used in just about any work environment, including working near power lines. The Dark Horse is perfect for construction projects. It can be used for work involving power lines. It can also be used for tasks requiring scaffolding or jobs that require work on stairs.