Once or twice a month, we are going to choose one of our products and talk specifically about some of the design features and benefits of the specific ladder. Today’s feature will be the Little Giant Safety Cage.

Features of the Safety Cage:

  • -An enclosed platform as a safe alternative to tying off
  • -The Ground Cue® bottom-rung signal lets the operator know it is safe to step off the ladder
  • -The high-strength fiberglass-resin allows you to use this ladder for many types of jobs
  • -The Safety Cage is mobile and lightweight
  • -With a 375 pound weight rating, the Safety Cage sturdy enough for any job
  • -The “wrap-around” guardrail wraps around the operator completely in total compliance to tie-off rules

Jobs for the Safety Cage

So, now that we’ve talked about the ladder’s features, let’s talk about jobs for the Safety Cage. This platform ladder is designed for industrial jobs. It is perfect for times when the ladder will be at a fixed height. This ladder is great for doing electrical work or for doing repairs on vehicles and airplanes. It is also a great option for stages or interstitial levels. The Safety Cage is also a good choice for industries that require tying off from a certain height. The Safety Cage allows the operator to have both his hands free while standing safely on the enclosed platform.

The Ground Cue® bottom rung indicator will also prevent injuries since it will let the operator know when he reaches the bottom rung of the ladder. These injuries can include injuries to the ankle, knee and back.  As many as 20 percent of injuries happen when the operator misses the bottom rung.

The Safety Cage is rated Type IAA – 375 lbs and stores in a compact footprint. The Tip & Glide™ Wheels make the Safety Cage easy to transport. It is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8-foot models.

What jobs would you use the Little Giant Safety Cage for?