For our product feature today, we will focus on the Overhaul™ ladder system, designed by firefighters for firefighters.

Features of the Overhaul

  1. Ratchet Levelers™ – Ratchet Levelers legs adjust in seconds to provide an even, level setup over an uneven surface or debris.
  1. Roof & Rafter Hooks – These hooks let firefighters hook the ladder to a rafter or truss to help prevent the ladder from “slipping out” while they are completing the Overhaul process.
  1. High-Visibility – High-viz reflective labels and Little Giant’s exclusive Safety Insight™ photo-luminescent strips show the rung location in low light conditions. The material glows for up to 16 hours and is integrated into the rung, so it won’t rub off.
  1. Dual Position Spike Feet – Adjustable non-slip rubber feet are stable on slippery surfaces and flip down spike feet to give stability on soft surfaces like grass or carpet.
  1. Easy Carrying – The Overhaul Ladder is easy to move from location to location. The large, aluminum handle is easy to grip while wearing firefighter gloves.

Heat Sensing Technology – The Overhaul’s labels are heat-sensing and show when the ladder has been exposed to damaging temperatures.

Jobs for the Overhaul

The Overhaul is designed specifically for the overhaul process that firefighters must do after a fire. It is sturdy and has features that can make the firefighter’s job easier. The Overhaul can also be used for other jobs the firefighter has to do since its feature make it an easy ladder to use.

For more information on the Little Giant Overhaul, visit the product page.