About the SkyScraper

The Little Giant SkyScraper is an adjustable ladder designed for reaching extreme heights. It is an alternative to lifts and scaffolding. The SkyScraper is portable, so it can be used in places where a motorized lift or bulky scaffolding can’t go. The SkyScraper is rated to hold up to 300 pounds, so it can handle virtually any industrial job.

Jobs for the SkyScraper

The Skyscraper is perfect for any job with tall ceilings or sloping ground. This ladder helps you reach chandeliers, sky lights and other difficult areas over uneven or sloping surfaces. The SkyScraper is especially useful when working around obstacles like benches and stadium seating.

The SkyScraper comes in 15, 17, 21-foot models and stores in just over half its maximum extended height.