Xtra-Lite Features:

-Weighs just 12 lbs
-Easy to carry and use
-Has a 375 pound rating
-Can handle every job around your home.
-Stores in a 5″ storage profile;
-Comfortable, 3 1/8-inch treads on each rung and a wide standing platform
-Features an innovative top cap that allows you to keep your tools close
-Compatible with the Vertical Organizer accessory, which can expand the top cap and work as a wall rack

Jobs for the Xtra-Lite

Because of the duty rating, the Xtra-Lite can be used for almost any job you have. You can use the Xtra-Lite to change lightbulbs, to reach the high shelves or to hang pictures. You can also use the Xtra-Lite to paint, hang shelving or patch walls.