Ladder Rack

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4.76 out of 5
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Aircraft Support
AirWing Fiberglass
Assault Ramp
Combo SXE
Dark Horse
Fiberglass Multi-use
HyperLite (need 2 Ladder Racks)
HyperLite SumoStance (need 2 Ladder Racks)
Lunar (need 2 Ladder Racks)
Pro Series
Revolution XE
Safety Step
Select Step
Select Step Fiberglass
Skyscraper (need 2 Ladder Racks)
SumoStance (need 2 Ladder Racks)
Super Duty


The Little Giant Rack™ is designed specifically for your Little Giant Ladder System. Built of heavy-duty steel with a durable powder coat finish, the Little Giant Rack™ makes storing your Little Giant easier than ever.

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DIMENSIONS18 in. x 7 in. x 7 in.
LADDER COMPATIBILITYAircraft Support, AirWing, AirWing Fiberglass, Alta-One, Assault Ramp, Boost, Classic, Combo SXE, Conquest, Dark Horse, Fiberglass Multi-use, Flip-n-Lite, HyperLite (need 2 Ladder Racks), HyperLite SumoStance (need 2 Ladder Racks), Leveler, Lunar, Lunar (need 2 Ladder Racks), MegaLite, MegaMax, MicroBurst, Pro Series, Revolution XE, Safety Step, Select Step, Select Step Fiberglass, Skyscraper (need 2 Ladder Racks), SmartStep, SumoStance (need 2 Ladder Racks), Super Duty, Tactical, Titan, TitanX, Velocity, Xtreme



Works Great!
by Donald J

It works exactly as advertised and holds the ladder well. The sale price and no shipping made it worthwhile.

Works great, easy install.
by Gerald Knoch

Came promptly, easy to install. Keeps the little giant in a nice and neat spot. Little giant is great also.

Well worth it
by Pat

Easy to install, small yet sturdy & the price is right.

Great Product!
by Bill

I have several Little Giant ladders and accessories including the Ladder Rack. I have purchased some of the ladders and accessories for myself and some for my two Son-In-Laws.
I needed the 2 additional Ladder Racks for 2 ladders I purchased earlier and just had leaning against the wall. I thought it was time I got them organized.
Little Giant Ladder Racks are Super Strong and are a great convenience.

Great product. Just like the ladder.
by Mike

Works great. Easy install and will keep the ladder from ever falling on my car.

Great Purchase!
by Joey

I received this product for my birthday and I've used it a multitude of ways in the two months I've had it. It feels very stable and I can manipulate it to get the job done. I love that I can add accessories as I need them from the website. My only complaint is that the rungs of the ladder are very narrow but this may be to cut down on weight.

well built and sturdy
by gh

I used the ladder to hang some bird houses. It provided a sturdy platform to do my work. The wall hanger gets it up and out of the way nicely. My only complaint is that it is too heavy.

Pretty good
by JC

Almost a perfect fit. I'd like the rack arms to be an inch or two shorter to keep the ladder as close to the wall as possible.

Great value
by Chris in CT

Purchased direct. Paid no shipping. It arrived promptly and I now have the perfect place to store my Little Giant.

I own THREE. 'Nuff said.
by Bill

I bought my first one when I only had one store. Now I have three stores and three Little Giant ladders. They're mandatory equipment for ANY business. $400 sounds like a lot until you start needing a 6-footer, and an 8-footer, and a 10-footer, and an extension ladder, and one for uneven surfaces, and one that'll fit flush to a wall, and one that'll hold TWO PEOPLE, etc. The new gen ladder is awesome. Lighter, easier to use, same quality. If you don't have one, you need one. Period.

First REAL Ladder
by Kelly

I bought the Little Giant Ladder Rack to go with my Little Giant Extreme that I received for Christmas. I thought Oh no... my wife got me a ladder for Xmas?? After watching the enclosed dvd and playing around with it I realized I had received an awesome gift! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Great quilty product with tons of usefull ways to be used
by Artangus

I have always thought this was a well made product but after receiving it my thoughts were found to be true.

the best there is.
by tony

best ladder I could ever own.

Good accessory to add
by Chris

Was easy to install, it supports the ladders weight w no problem and it looks good b/c it's the matching accessory.

Love my ladder
by Shadylady

The ladder rack allow me to save space and to put the ladder away safely.

by Don Schaefer

The wall bracket looks great in my garage!

New purchase
by Randy

Saw the ad one Saturday on TV while flipping through channels. Watched the whole commercial. Ordered the Extreme 22. Ordered the ladder rack later. Nice ladder for mome use especially for homes with two stories. Well made and can support my weight which most ladders don't. Storage rack makes it convienient to store. Had to put a backer board behind it because my studs are 24 inches on center. Rack is designed for 16" stud spacing so I mounted a 2x6 between my wall studs and mounted rack to the board..

Very good!
by Merle

Sturdy, easy to install. Overall very good accessory.

Good product, should have bought it when I purchased my Little Giant Xtreme ladder.
by Metoo

Mounting instructions not included i.e. when placing on drywall is it necessary to find a stud.

Excellent Ladder Holder and Easy to Install
by Pat

Perfect holder for the ladder. I would recommend a possible improvement in providing options to attached the other components (optional purchases) for the ladder. I purchased a bunch and like to keep all components together.

Great Rack for Little Giant Type Ladders
by scs

Great response in shipping, arrived in two days! The perfect rack for the Little Giant Ladder. Easy to install. Simple clear instructions. Hardware fasteners included to mount to stud wall with perfect spacing to hit the studs. Great product and service.

I LOVE the unit.
by PES

I had purchased a short ladder from you several years ago and I think I received the rack free with my purchase and never got around to bolting the ladder rack up.
I then bought a second much larger ladder from you and then ordered another rack for this ladder. I bolted both units up and they are very strong and stores the ladders out of my way. NICE PRODUCT!

Great the 2nd Time Around
by JP in Mesa

I ordered the Little Giant Ladder Rack and it arrived very promptly. However, the metal portion of the rack was bent and so the entire rack was useless. Contacted Customer Service and with an exchange of emails, they sent me a second rack and no charge. Just installed it this past weekend and it works great!

Good product
by Hammy

Easy to install and very sturdy. Great place to hang my new little giant xtreme ladder.


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