Extension Ladder Wall Standoff

WingSpan Wall Standoff

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Aircraft Support
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Dark Horse
Fiberglass Multi-use
Pro Series
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Obstacles like windows can be tricky to work around. The Little Giant® WingSpan™ Wall Standoff wraps around windows and other obstacles, keeping your ladder out from under eaves so you don’t have to lean against the rain gutters. The WingSpan has a fixed width of 50 inches with a stand-off of 12 inches. Made from durable aluminum, the WingSpan is lightweight and easily attaches to most Little Giant aluminum and fiberglass articulating ladders.


– Props up your ladder around windows, rain gutters and more, so you can work around obstacles.
– Adds stability when working in the extension position.
– Hand-tightened screw clamp connects to ladder rung.
– Compatible with most Little Giant® aluminum and fiberglass articulating ladders.
– 51” x 15” x 3”.

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DIMENSIONS51 in. x 15 in. x 3 in.
LADDER COMPATIBILITYAircraft Support, Alta-One, Classic, Combo SXE, Conquest, Dark Horse, Fiberglass Multi-use, Leveler, MegaLite, MegaMax, Pro Series, Quantum, Revolution, Super Duty, Tactical, Titan, TitanX, Velocity, Xtreme


by Merk

Helium Type ! Ladder
by Steve

Why isn't their a ladder support (Wingspan wall standoff) for it?

WingSpan Wall Stand Off
by Michael C

This unit does not work with a standard aluminum extension ladder. The rungs are too big to fit in the bracket deep enough to swivel the locking mechanism.

New Instructions Please
by Mr. Gadget

Sep 1, 2016 Please post the latest Instruction Sheet for the Wingspan Wall Stand Off (2014) 51246 Version 3 4.14

I like it
by tallman

I no longer have to rest the ladder on the gutter of the house to clean them out. The wing span allows me to rest the ladder on the roof of the house allowing me to feel safer and to put me over the gutter to be able to clean them out. I like the item very much. The only porblem I have is how to store the item when I am not using it so it is not cluttering up the storage area.

Great product
by Karin in MD

The Little Giant Wing Span was easy to attach to the ladder. I am now able to use the extended ladder to clean out my gutters by myself since it keeps me up there more sturdy and with easy access to the gutters to see what I am doing. Great product.

by dottie0412

Easy to use and great quality.

Greta Accessorie
by Kirk

This simply make sense! This attachment is great if you want to avoid scratching walls (internally and externally) and causing damage that happens from time to time when working outside. Preparing the attachment is as simple as one, two and you're done. Awesome..

Great accessary
by N/A

The wing span is just what I needed. It works better than I thought it would.

The Wing Span

Great, easy to use, light weight and strong.

by buzzsaw

I've owned my little giant for 25 years. i have spent thousands on tools over the last thirty years, and the giant is still my best best tool investment .
all i can say about the LITTLE GIANT WING SPAN is that it is the best thing since sliced bread.
simply put its another great tool.

A Good Attachment
by JRG

The wing is up to the quality of other Little Giant products. The fact that the wing Bolts-On (for lack of a better term) it allows a little leeway to adjust the ladder near corners and edges of walls. Also it can be used on different length ladders so you don’t need one for each ladder.

A Good Addition
by Lindy

The Wing Span works very well in positioning the ladder away from the outside walls to allow easy cleaning of the gutters. I have tried many other methods for this project, but nothing works as well as being able to the ladder in a position to see what I am doing and really clean out all of the debris.

I like it
by tallman

this item allows me to be over the gutters on my house, instead of leaning the ladder on the gutter causing a not to safe practice. The only problem I have is how to store the item when not in use, and not clutter the storage area.

Great attachment!
by papa

Cleaned the high windows and felt very safe using the wing span.

Review by Pat
by Pat

The wing span adds stability to an already stable ladder when going high. My only regret is when I bought it I didn't get the leg leveler, the wall rack and the bag with the wing span for $99 instead of buying the wing span alone for $40.

Worked great!
by Brad W.

After reading reviews about the wing span on here and other websites I was a bit sceptical on how well it work around gutters. It worked great and had enough room to install new gutters. It does seem to make the ladder a bit top heavy but I was very pleased!

by dwandy

I don't know how we managed without this. I didn't understand the need when we bought the ladder. The ladder feels much more secure against the house.

It made the job safer
by JR

We recently took on the project of pressure washing and staining our cabin. After struggling with being able to reach the fascia boards in the peaks, we bought a wing span. That made the ladder stand away just enough that I was able to get a good coat of stain on without bending backwards on the ladder and hang on for dear life! Going back this next weekend to wash the windows that we haven't been able to reach the last 4 years. Great product!

by jonn

works great with power washing windows

Love it!
by Tjbildz

Best money I've spent! All in one ladder and the accessories at top notch!

by Dudley

Used it today to secure the trim around the picture window and front of our English Tudor. The wingspan was wide enough to allow the ladder to be placed above the window and the trim to be reached without trouble.

Little Giant Wing Span
by John

I wanted to get one of these Wing Spans when I ordered my ladder at the local Home Show and so finally this year I did. I ordered it online and it was shipped right out and delivered within 3 days. It was easy to install and greatly increased my safety while climbing and using the best ladder system on the planet. If you own one, you should really invest in the Wing Span.

Worked well
by Blueghost

The Wingspan worked very well for holding my Little Giant away from the house while I cleaned the gutters on my house. I felt totally secure leaning out from the ladder to clean away the debris. I look forward to using my Little Giant with the Wingspan attached to wash our RV this spring.

Great Accessory
by T

Safety first and the wing span surely increases the ladder's safety especially working alone.

needs improvements
by bcom

its a good piece but why didnt they make the arms """"Telescoping"""" for narrower areas?Not all areas are gonna accept the 4ft width of this thing:(

Fixed Size issue
by Nancy

The Wing Span does exactly what it is supposed to do however in my case its simply the wrong size. It's too small to go around my large window and too big to fit the space between my windows. I think Little Giant needs to offer different sizes or an adjustable wing span (though that may weekend the span). Little Giant sales reps, if your reading this please offer some options.

Worked well until step 5
by Heights

This accessory works out terrific for keeping the ladder stable (I purchased the wingspan). I love my little giant ladder, however when I extended the ladder to clean out the gutters on my home, I distinctly recalled that I have a fear of falling. As a result, I only got to step 5 on the ladder. Don't get me wrong, I have used this ladder for other purposes that it was intended and it worked very well. However, when I extended the ladder to climb to the 2nd level of my home, it just wasn't happening. Hence, my gutters did not get cleaned. I had the power washer fired up....so I just power washed something else. Oh well, at least the gutters on the garage section of my home will be nice and clean. I would recommend this ladder to anyone (even though I have a fear of falling). Staying as close to the ground as possible....the guy with clogged up gutters.


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