1. One important part of ladder safety is taking good care of your ladder. Here are a couple of tips to help you be safer.Protect Your LadderWhen your ladder isn’t being used, keep it inside. Avoid having your ladder in the sun, rain and snow as much as possible. Keeping your ladder away from extremes in temperature will make it last longer. Fiberglass, for example, wears quickly when left in the sun than when it is kept inside.

    Clean Your Ladder Clean

    Always wipe off “foreign substances” from your ladder, including anything that is slippery, greasy or sticky. In addition to the safety benefit, keeping your ladders clean will help your ladder last longer.

    Choose the Correct Material

    If you want your ladder to last a long time, the best ladder material is aluminum. Aluminum does not work for every industry, but it is the more sturdy option, as long as you won’t be near electricity.

    Hopefully these few tips will help your ladders last a little longer.