ladder safety training and proper educationAlmost all ladder accidents are preventable, but what makes them preventable? One of the best ways is to prevent accidents is to provide education. Training and educating individuals on the ways to properly use ladders and prevent falling is one of the best ways to prevent ladder injuries. Without the training, they may make mistakes out of ignorance.

Education for the Most at Risk Groups

According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, men between 35 and 55 are at the highest risk for a ladder-related injury. Education for all genders and age groups is important, but, men ages 35-55 should have special attention, since they are more likely to be using ladders and then getting injured by the other groups.

How to Educate

So, how do you educate this group? Some education can take place on the labels and packaging of the ladders, but this education is probably not quite enough.  The first step to educating, is finding where they are using their ladders and what they are using them for.

On the Job

If the group is using the ladders at their jobs, the key to education is properly training them at work. Have them complete online safety training, or bring in a safety professional to train them.  Make sure the safety guidelines are enforced so no bad habits have the chance of developing.

At Home

If the ladders are mainly being used at home, training gets a little trickier. As mentioned before, there are instructions and warning labels. Another idea could be to include some sort of training in the places selling the ladders. Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of the big name stores that carry ladders, and there are loads of smaller stores as well. Any of the stores that sell ladders could include a community training for anyone interested in learning more about ladder safety.

What ways would you suggest for educating people on proper ladder safety?