remember your safety harnessA couple of summers ago, a couple of New Jersey men were working on a roof when the ladder buckled and the two men fell. One man was wearing a safety harness, but the other man was not. The man in the safety harness was able to hang until help arrived, but the other man was not so lucky. He fell 20 feet and hit the ground. He was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Lessons We Can Learn      

Wear Your Harness
There are three main lessons for us to learn. The first lesson is to always wear your safety harness when working at height. Help your coworkers out by making sure they wear their harnesses too.

Inspect Your Ladder
It can be hard to tell what causes a ladder to buckle. A good habit to get into is to always inspect the entire ladder and make sure it is in good working order before you climb. Remember to check the ladders rails and the ladder feet to make sure it is all in safe working condition.

Follow the Weight Guidelines
There isn’t much detail in the article about the ladder that was being used, but it does say both men were on the ladder. With the exception of a few ladders, most ladders don’t have a weight rating The article does not really explain what type of ladder the men were using or why there were two people on the ladder. Depending on the type of ladder and the weight rating, having two men on the ladder at once could have actually caused the buckling to happen. Regardless, only one person should be on a ladder at once for weight rating reasons and general safety reasons.