We often hear people say they would rather be able to buy more ladders cheaply than to use their budget to buy one quality ladder, but time and again we hear stories of people regrettng this decision, wishing they would have invested in quality equipment instead.

A couple of years ago, I ran across an article about a company and an employee who had been injured when using an unsafe ladder. The ladder was too tall for the job at hand and the ladder feet were so worn they were useless. As the man came down the ladder, it slid causing the man to land on his foot. He had to get numerous surgeries due to a fracture and dislocated ankle. He wasn not able to return to work.

What Can We Learn?

This lesson is just one example of why it is important to have quality equipment. The worker should have used a ladder that was the right height for the job he was doing. Ladders that are either too tall or too short for a job can create unnecessary risks for workers.

It’s also important to check equipment and make sure it’s in working order. The ladder’s feet were too worn, creating a slipping hazard. If the ladder had been properly inspected, this risk could have been caught and the accident could have been prevented.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Make sure to use quality equipment and to inspect your ladders.