Falling from the roof is a common cause of ladder-related accidents. So, what can be done to prevent them?

The first step is setting the ladder up the right way. You want to make sure the ladder is placed at 75.5 degrees and that the ladder extends three feet above the roof line. Having it extend any more or less can lead to the ladder slipping or to the operator having trouble getting on or off the roof.

One of the most common places operators fall is the transition point between the ladder and the roof. So, what are some tips for decreasing the risk of this transition point?

We at Little Giant Ladders have a solution to help. It is called the LedgeLock Auto Tie-off System. The LedgeLock™ secures to a roof or platform. simply and securely mounts to a roof or platform. The operator secures the Claw™ and steps through the Walkthrough™ to access the roof, while maintaining three points of contact the entire time.

You can never be too careful while working on a ladder, but using the right equipment helps you stay safe.