Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth at Safety 2018.

We focused on some of our newest innovations to the ladder industry: The HyperLite is the lightest fiberglass extension ladder in the world. The HyperLite SumoStance is the lightweight extension ladder with outriggers to increase side-tip stability. The MightyLite is a fiberglass stepladder with the Ground Cue, a bottom-rung indicator to let you know when you have reached the bottom rung. The Adjustable Safety Cage provides workers an adjustable height ladder with a fully enclosed platform to allow workers to work safely with two hands while complying with industry regulations. Each product has innovative safety features not seen on other ladders, and we are so excited to share them with you.Thank you for keeping our booth busy during the entire show, and coming back if the wait was too long. Little Giant designs its products with safety in mind, to prevent common ladder-related injuries and to help workers return home to their families each night.

Were you you at the show? What was your favorite part?