A news story a couple of years ago talked about a ladder left on the freeway, causing a four vehicle crash and long delays for the other drivers. Police didn’t know how the ladder got on the road, but they did know the ladder caused extensive damage. Here are a couple of safety reminders for when transporting ladders safely.

Prevent Ladders on Freeway

Always secure your ladder when transporting it. You can lock it on a vehicle’s rack, centering it with the vehicle’s center of gravity. You can secure the ladder by ratcheting it with tie-downs.

Secure Ladders 

If you do not have a ladder rack and instead are using a truck bed, always secure your ladder. It can be easy for the wind to catch items in your truck and blow them out. If the ladder must be leaned against the cab, always use your tie-downs.

Keep Your Ladder in Your Vehicle

Transporting your ladder in the vehicle is always an option as well. Put your ladder on the floor or somewhere where it won’t slide up to the front and hit the windshield, or worse, a person. If the ladder is too long for the car, make sure you properly secure the ladder inside the car and attach a flag of some kind so drivers behind you can see the ladder sticking out the back of the car.